Taking stRIDE’s - Studio Construction

Have you been keeping up with our social media? We have been posting TONS of updates on our Instagram about stRIDE’s construction. Every day our dream gets a little bit closer to becoming a reality and we are so excited to announce our grand opening date soon! We will give you a hint - it is in August and we are on track to open up on our ideal date, any guesses?

The studio becomes more and more lifelike every day, this week we completed the building and installation of our spin stage and it has already been getting put to use. We started auditions for spin instructors and have been absolutely blown away by all of the talent that has walked through our doors. We are even more excited to make our final selections so we can share our stRIDE superstars with all of you so soon.

The staff we are building will perfectly embody the stRIDE philosophy and will work with each of our clients to help them achieve their goals that are both physical and mental. We want to build this staff with strong and empowering individuals who will help inspire and grow all of our clients to achieve the greatest versions of themselves. We truly wish we could hire each of those who are auditioning because we are already so inspired by so many of the potential instructors who have come through our doors and have given it their all.

Up next on the stRIDE agenda is installing sound into each room and finishing up our floors. Once all of our installations are completed the fun really starts to begin with lights, decorations, painting, equipment, and so much more! Once our grand opening date is announced we cannot wait to share all of the fun things we have planned to welcome our clients both new and old with open arms (but also with intense tap backs).

Check back next Sunday to stay updated on our construction, we are so excited to have you watch our dream become a reality!


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