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We have all been there, one morning we wake up and decide today is the day. We are going to start working out every single day and get back into shape! Then something comes up and we skip our spin class, another excuse comes along and we cancel boxing, and the cycle goes on and on. Do not be too hard on yourself, this happens to all of us (whether we like to admit it or not). Luckily, this has happened to us so many times that we have learned a thing or two about perfecting our workout schedule to stay on track with our routines and of course we are going to share them with our stRIDE community!

Plan But Be Flexible

Make an hour a day YOUR hour, like a doctors (or therapy) appointment, you cannot feel guilty for scheduling your life around you hour because your health is so important. However, this does not mean you are able to workout at the same exact time every single day with no interruptions. Plan your schedule accordingly but allow yourself to switch up your schedule when needed, maybe set a goal to workout four days a week but be flexible to what those days are according to your schedule that week.


Organization is not only essential to your workout schedule but your life schedule. If you physically write down when you are working out (or put it in your iPhone calendar) odds are you will actually end up following that schedule. Try sitting down one day a week (Sunday’s are the BEST) and plan out what your week with going to look like, to-do’s, errands, work schedules, and then write down when you are going to make time to sweat!

Find Your Passion

There is nothing worse than dreading your workout, it is supposed to be YOUR time of the day so it should be something to look forward to! Not everyone is going to like every workout, but it is worth to try them all to find what makes you the happiest. Finding your workout will make scheduling workouts a priority in life because it will become something to look forward to.

We are so excited to encourage all of our stRIDERS to try out all of the classes we have to offer and find what makes you feel the best. Did you hear that we are opening on August 4th? Make sure you book a class at our studio and SWEAT!

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