stRIDE Spin & Fitness x Lululemon | What Pants To Wear To Your Workout

One of the biggest questions we get asked about is what to wear to each class. We offer several different workouts that range from many different levels to work each part of the body. What it comes down to, our answer is to wear whatever is going to make feel comfortable and confident in your workout because it is YOUR workout.

However, thanks to the wonderful ladies at Lululemon we have some recommendations on what to wear to specific workouts based on the material or structure of the outfit to receive maximum comfort during your sweat sesh!

Rhythmic Spin

This is a high-intensity workout (with high-intensity sweat) which means you need a pair of pants that can keep up with your moves on the bike. A personal favorite is the In Movement Tight because it is supposed to fit like a second layer of skin. This pant is created to dry sweat quickly and offers four-way stretch to allow you to tap it back without a problem. We also recommend the Fast and Free Tight for a lightweight pant that is meant to feel like you are wearing nothing but it is giving you everything you need for an amazing spin class! Tori, co-owner of stRIDE, recommends these tights for her spin classes because they are her favorite!

Pilates Reformer

For a Pilates workout, you need a pair of pants that will stretch just as hard as you will work in class. One of our favorites in the Align Pant, not only do they feel like you are wearing a cloud but it maximizes on comfort in order to continue your Pilates practice. Another instructor recommendation is the Wunder Under High Rise Pant in Luon if you prefer a tighter pant for your workout.


In order to kickass in your boxing class, you need a pant that will move with you. Our favorite pant for this workout is the Wunder Under High Rise Pant in Luon or Luxtreme. The intent of this pant is to allow stretch while maintaining shape retention. This means you can kick the sh*t out of your boxing bag while never having to pull up your pants, sounds amazing right?


TRX is another class that will require your pants to be able to move the way you do, which is why we recommend the Fast & Free for this workout. This is a pant that specializes in becoming the second pair of skin that can manage the sweat that is coming from this class. The Fast & Free pant will be able to keep up with any position you crush with the TRX bands.


We love the In Movement Tight for our barre classes! We love this pant because it will stretch with you on the barre while keeping up with your sweat during squats and ab workouts during the class. This pant is an absolute must-have (not to mention it comes in the best colors to complete your workout wardrobe).

Hot Yoga

We LOVE our Align Pant for yoga, but when it comes to Hot Yoga we love our In Movements for that intense sweat sesh. We always recommend the In Movement leggings but we also LOVE our In Movement Shorts if you prefer less fabric for your hot yoga training, get a pant that can do it all right?

What are your favorite clothes to wear in? Let us know! You can always chat with us on Instagram because we LOVE to hear from you.

Did you hear that you can start sweating with us on August 4th? YES! We cannot wait for our opening day so be ready to book your class on Sunday, July 15th! In the meantime, stock up on your favorite workout gear and we will see you in the studio SO SOON!


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