stRIDE Spin & Fitness | 2018 INSTRUCTOR LINEUP

stRIDE Spin & Fitness | 2018 INSTRUCTOR LINEUP

After weeks of applications, auditions, preparations, and trainings we are FINALLY ready to release our lineup of amazing stRIDE Instructors. These amazing women perfectly embody what stRIDE’s philosophy entails and will leave you feeling stronger both physically and mentally after class.

Please welcome our stRIDE Instructors!!!!

Mikaela Seufer - Barre

Kellie O’Keefe - Pilates

Carla Viti - Box & TRX

Christina Macort - Spin

Katie Dudley - Pilates

Kailin Vollmuth - Barre

Katie Weichler - Instructor in Training // Spin

Rachel Molinaro - Instructor in Training // Box

Jess Babbs - Spin, Barre, TRX

Victoria McGee - Instructor in Training // Spin

Kelley Bell - Instructor in Training // Spin

Gab Bruni - Spin & Box

Halle Kiel - Instructor in Training // Barre

Anne Trapani - Spin & Barre

Lauren Cimino - Spin, Box, & TRX

Margaret Hager - Yoga

Sara McElhinney - Pilates

Kelly Hand - Spin

Noreen Procaccini - Spin & TRX

Jennine Michele - Spin & Barre

We are so excited to have the amazing and badass women a part of our stRIDE team. They are so excited to start sweating with you starting August 4th. Check out the Mind Body app to see their class dates and times, you can start booking next Sunday, July 15th (and did we mention we are having sales on our class packages).

Come meet the team August 3rd at our open house event at the stRIDE studio! We are SO excited that we are one step closer to opening the doors to our dream studio!


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