Taking stRIDE’s | Construction Update

We are READY. TO. GO. After many months of construction, stRIDE is completely finished and is ready to open! It is so surreal to our entire stRIDE team that what once was just an idea of a new spin studio is becoming everything we could have ever imagined. We have been taking the time to work with our team of instructors and have been hosting mock classes every day this week to perfect our playlist for our opening day (and of course, they are FIRE).

We finished installing our floors and it really made the studio come to life. This allowed us to begin putting in all of our equipment (boxing bags, barre bar, speakers, etc.) and adding the finishing touches on the studio.

Earlier this week we got our spin bikes delivered (over 30!) and we have been itching to fill the room with the energy of all of our amazing clients. Spin has always been the heart and soul of the studio, it is how our owners discovered their love of fitness and we wanted to make sure this room is perfect for every class. Our sound system is INTENSE, make sure to be following our Instagram to hear how loud our sound really is and see where we have been posting tons of updates as soon as they happen!

What are you doing this Friday? Make sure you come out to our open house where you can take a tour of the studio the day before classes start! Come to celebrate First Friday with stRIDE and enjoy some drinks, a DJ, and meet some of the other amazing stRIDERS to get excited about our August 4th opening. Grab your spin shoes or boxing gloves, stRIDE gear, and eat a good breakfast to get ready to sweat with us this weekend, BOOK YOUR CLASS!

Thank you for your continuous support and energy through the construction of our studio. We are so excited to open our doors and start sweating with you.


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