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There are so many things we love about a good sweat session, which is why most of our clients will be quickly addicted to all of our classes if they are not already. Our absolute favorite part is the feeling you have when walking out of each of our classes, from spin to yoga you will always be left feeling the same. This feeling is something that is a mix between inspired, empowered, and genuine happiness (even if you are too out of breath to feel it at first). The endorphins that come from stRIDE's intense workouts are what makes our studio our favorite place to be because we love watching people grow and better themselves not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

So what exactly are endorphins? Endorphins are a group of hormones that sit in your brain and your nervous system. When you do a high amount of physical activity, these hormones are released into your receptors and reduce the perception of pain, that pain can be physical, mental, or emotional. This is why many times people leave our classes with a more clarity about a situation they have been dealing with before a class because these receptors lessen the pain, which causes you to look at a situation more logically than emotionally.

There are already so many amazing physical and mental benefits of working out that can boost your mood. stRIDE takes these benefits to the next level by allowing our clients to have space where they will always be surrounded by other inspired and empowered people. No matter what the purpose behind why you signed up for a class, stRIDE wants to help all of our clients achieve their goals and become the greatest versions of themselves. This studio goes so far beyond a workout but a sanctuary for all clients to feel secure to learn and grow both physically and mentally.

Have you booked an opening weekend class? Make sure to book before all the spots fill up and we cannot wait to see you THIS WEEKEND!

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