Favorite Phoenixville Restaurants

Our studio has been PACKED with our amazing clients who have committed to with sweating with us every day. A typical spin class will burn between 400-600 calories, which we know can leave you feeling pretty hungry when you leave the spin room. stRIDE is new to the area, but the owners and clients are not. We have all grown up or been very familiar with Phoenixville for a long time, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite spots to grab food after class if you are traveling from far away (clients have been telling us they drove HOURS to get to stRIDE… WHAT?! We are so lucky!)

Nudy’s Cafe

This is your typical and adorable brunch spot for friends to come and catch up at. They have amazing breakfast and if you want to treat yourself the french toast is to die for. Nudy’s is located on Bridge Street and is about five minutes from the studio, check it out!

Gangster Vegan Organics

Gangster Vegan is perfect for our on the go clients, their vegan takeout is perfect to travel with and tastes amazing. Gangster Vegan has everything from smoothies, to wellness shots, to bowls, to desserts. Walnut taco meat? Say no more.

Bistro on Bridge

Happy hour anyone? For our happy hour riders, this is the place for you. Bistro is great for dinner and drinks with friends, they even have a rooftop with a bar. The menu is a wide range so it can satisfy just about anyone. What is better than a post workout cocktail?

Bryn & Dane’s

If you were at our opening weekend, you know we love our Bryn & Dane’s family. Their Malvern location is about fifteen minutes from stRIDE and is worth the drive if you are not from the area. Their goal is to provide healthy fast food so their customers do not have to give up health for convenience, how amazing is that?

Do you have a favorite post sweat spot? Let us know the next time you are in the studio! We want to share as much information as we can with our stRIDE family to make everything about your workout amazing, so let’s grab brunch!

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