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We have all been there, finally deciding to take the plunge into your fitness journey and writing down all of the goals you want to accomplish. You start off strong the first week but soon enough you find yourself frustrated and end up stopping the journey altogether. Sound familiar? That’s because you are HUMAN. So many of us within the wellness community have been there, which is why we wanted to share a few of our favorite tips for setting the right goals to stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Don’t Wait

The new year is JUST ANOTHER DAY. Friday is the same as Monday and bikini season does not matter because one pieces are in style again. DO NOT WAIT. Stop pushing off your goals because there will never be a perfect day to start. Just do it!

Don’t Just Look At The Big Picture

Start small and make some manageable goals, crush them and keep going! Set goals that are obtainable every 1-3 months, that way you remember you are constantly making progress. This will keep the motivation and excitement alive within the journey!

Don’t Make Quantitative Goals

Remember, being three pounds up one day could just mean you just drank extra water. As great as the number of the scale can be for tracking your progress it does not mean much. Track your progress by taking before and after pictures, they will not feel good at first but I promise the after photos make them SO worth it. Track your progress by upping your workout every week, maybe an extra spin class or heavier weights during arms. Make these goals something that does not involve being a certain number because of muscle and fat look way different when they weigh the same.

Do It For YOU

There are millions of reasons why someone wants to begin their fitness journey but make sure the main goal is always to become the greatest version of yourself. Do it to make yourself the happiest, healthiest, and most badass you that you can be. Do not lose sight of the fact that fitness goes SO far beyond what you look like in the mirror.

Have any more fitness journey tips or a story you want to share with us? Let us know! Send us a message on our social media or let a staff member at the studio know! We love to hear from our badass community.


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