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Calling all my (potential) big booty bitches!! There is nothing we love then kicking our clients' asses while building them. Co-owner Jess Vierow is known for her Bootcamp Booty and Spin classes and we thrive off of exercises in our box, barre, and TRX classes that will grow that booty! We wanted to give a few of our favorite booty exercises for our clients to do when they are not in the studio.


Hello, this is the QUEEN of booty building workouts. Squats will grow, shape, and lift your booty to be exactly how you want it. These can also be done at literally any time of day. Before bed? Squat. Brushing your teeth? Squat. Waiting for a barre class to start? Squat. Understand the convenience here?

Glute Bridges

Lay on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and a bend in your knees then raise your hips up to where your body forms a straight line. We recommend doing three sets of thirty for the best results and do not worry, we attached a photo below for our visual learners.


If you have access to weights (we have two, three, and five pounds at the studio) then deadlifts are the workout for you to try. Stand on one foot and bend your other leg so your knee is bent and parallel to the floor, bend forward and go as low as you can then push your body back up and repeat. We recommend doing three sets of twelve for this exercise on each foot.

Donkey Kicks

Another workout that requires no equipment? Yes, please! We LOVE donkey kicks in our barre classes to shape and sculpt. Get on all fours and bend knees at a ninety-degree angle, lift and lower one knee without hitting the floor and repeat then switch legs. We love doing each side about twenty-five times on each leg and doing 2-3 sets.

What are your favorite booty workouts that you want to see in class? Sign up for our Bootcamp Booty & Spin classes and see what we are all about!


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