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There are so many “wellness” trends that are flooding the Internet featuring new diets, new products, and new workouts that are a must follow in order to be the healthiest version of yourself. When you think about, what really is wellness? What makes you the happiest and healthiest version of you? We narrowed down what all of these wellness trends have in common to make it easier to be the greatest version of you.

Clean Body

A clean body can go so far beyond making sure you have the right intake of vegetables and water daily, your mind is also a part of your body. Self-care can go so far beyond doing a facemask while drinking wine in bed (although we love that) but it could be detoxing from social media, catching up with an old friend that you miss, or spending some extra time with those you love the most.

Clean Environment

Do flowers grow in polluted cities easily? No. So why would people continue to grow healthy if they surround themselves with people and places that do not benefit us? Remove people who do not provide a benefit to your life, at times this may seem difficult but in the end, it is worth it. This includes relationships that no longer suit you, there is nothing wrong with outgrowing someone and removing those who do not allow you to be the greatest version of yourself.

Clean Living

Being nice to people is as beneficial to you as it is to them. Creating a toxic life for yourself by allowing yourself to be constantly immersed in negative things such as drama, gossip, and hatred will cause more toxicity in your life than anyone else's. By living well, you are constantly wanting the best for yourself and those around you. Spending your time lifting people up instead of bringing them down will create a much healthier life to live in.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite things about wellness that go further beyond our studio. We have said a million times in class, this is not that deep. Do not take your workouts too seriously as there are a million aspects in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We encourage all of our clients to take their passion and energy that they have within our studio outside of the sweat zone as well. Our goal is to allow our clients to create the greatest version of themselves, in and out of the studio.

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