The Best Sports Bras For Your Workout | stRIDE x Lululemon

Since we received SO MUCH LOVE on our last stRIDE x Lululemon blog post we wanted to do another one featuring our favorite sports bras from Lululemon! Because one of the biggest questions we get asked about is what to wear to each class since we offer several different workouts that range from many different levels to work each part of the body.

We want you to wear whatever is going to make YOU the most comfortable for YOUR workout. However, for some guidance, we have a few suggestions from our favorite educators at Lululemon!

Rhythmic Spin

This is a high-intensity workout (with high-intensity sweat) which means you need a bra that will stick with you on the bike. We recommend the Speed Up Bra because it features molded foam cups that give you high support and a natural shape while you spin.

Pilates Reformer

For a Pilates workout, you need a sports bra that will move and mold to you for all of the different ways you will work in class. One of our favorites in the Light Strides Bra, we love this bra because it gives you movement management for every jump and squats you will do on the reformer.


We know you want to kick some ass in your boxing class, so you need a bra that will hold you in while you are burning it out. We recommend the Energy Bra because it is known for its shape retention and we know there is no time to be adjusting your bra in between boxing circuits at stRIDE, right?


TRX is another class that will require a bra that will be able to move the way you do with the straps, which is why we recommend the Mind Over Miles Bra. This bra has laser-cut straps lie flat, so they won't dig into your back when you're on the mat.


We love the Free To Be Serene Bra for barre classes! The strappy back is great to allow for an open range of movement during class. It is also adorable to go under any top that you might wear to the studio that day (who says you can’t look cute to workout?)

Hot Yoga

Namastay put! Flow freely with the Flow Y Bra for your heated or non-heated yoga class. This bra is made with soft and stretchy material for maximum comfort for your practice. What is better than comfortable coverage?

What clothing do you want to hear about next & what are your favorite clothes to wear in? Let us know! You can always chat with us on Instagram because we LOVE to hear from you.


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