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WE.LOVE.SUNDAYS. They are the day that can set your mood for an entire week or they are the day of a fresh start after a week that may not have been your favorite. They are usually filled with a combination of relaxing while simultaneously getting your life together. Sundays are your days to recharge so why not make it the best day possible? We wanted to share our favorite Sunday habits to get you into the right Sunday aroutine as some of our clients get back to school or start a new work schedule!


Sunday scaries are REAL if you do not plan on Sundays. Look at your week ahead, whether it is in your planner, Calendar, notebook paper, etc. and see what you have going on and what you need to accomplish that week. Write out your goals, despite the size give yourself goals that you can cross off throughout the week to keep you motivated. This will give you a sense of accomplishment while giving you a sense of ease that you are getting shit done.

Catch up

We love using Sundays as catch up days, maybe it is to cross something off your to-do list that did not get done earlier or maybe it is to do a double at the studio because it is the only day you can make it work. Use Sundays as a day to do a little something extra for yourself and catch to where you need to be, it will make you feel better the entire week!


Finish your to-do list before lunchtime (you will thank us later). Get all of your Sunday responsibilities out of the way so you can spend the rest of the day recharging. Everyone needs a break, take Sundays as your rest day and do something leisure. Catch up with friends or spend extra time with your family, do something that will make you smile a bit more.

Practice Gratitude

When you focus on the good, the good keeps getting better. Always remember to take some time during the week the reflect on you, your surroundings, your feelings, your goals, everything. Take time to just be present and be thankful for the life that you live and all of the amazing factors that make your life what it is.

Thank you for dedicating so many Sundays to sweating with us for 45 minutes! Our clients make today and every day something to be thankful for.


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