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Who doesn’t love a Sunday morning routine that includes a morning spin class followed by brunch with your best friends? For many of us, it is difficult to schedule workouts, to begin with, let alone time after to shower after (even if the shower is in the studio). Many of us are on a go-go-go routine, which sometimes leads us to sacrifice self-care. We. feel. You. We wanted to leave a few of our tips for preventing any breakouts after working out that may result from your go-go-go routine, because the grind never stops, right?

Wash your face before your class

Most of the time, we are coming from somewhere to our workout and are wearing makeup or have dirt/oil on our face. It is so important to clean off your face before working out so when you are sweating during the workout, you are not wiping around that dirt/makeup further into your pores. Did you know we have face wash at the studio? Just run into the bathroom before class starts and wash your face! We always got you covered.

Change immediately after

The longer you spend in your workout clothes, the higher the chance of you breaking out on your body. Even if you do not have time to completely shower, it is so important to change into something new after class (even if that means new workout clothes) to get all of the oil and bacteria off your body from the sweat.

Facial wipes

A GAME CHANGER. Face wipes are the key to clear skin when you do not have time to wash your face after class. There are so many different types with various benefits depending on what you need. They are also super easy to throw into your gym bag or purse and bring to the studio! Need a recommendation? Check out a client’s personal favorite here!

Pat Your Skin

In each class, a sweat towel is provided (trust us, you will need it). Remember to pat your skin and not to wipe it when you are using the towel. This technique will pick up the sweat from your skin instead of smearing it around from wiping it. By removing the sweat instead of moving it around, it will prevent sweat from entering your pores and clogging them.

Have any tips on how you keep your skin clear after a sweat sesh? Be sure to share with us on our social media!

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