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We all came to stRIDE for different reasons, maybe to get in shape, maybe to maintain, maybe because you just saw our social media and wanted to check it out. So many clients come through our doors every day in search of something different but the beauty of this is we still all ride together as one. stRIDE is one team, one gang, one group of powerful badass individuals who work day in and day out to better themselves in and out of the studio together. We preach and practice the importance of lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down because it is so important to be able to surround yourself with powerful and loving individuals day in and day out.

Why check to see if your neighbors' grass is greener when you could spend that time watering your own? COMPARISON IS THE FASTEST WAY TO SUCK THE FUN OUT OF LIFE.

All of us are guilty of it, how can we not be? We are human. There will be times you find yourself comparing your progress to others (this may be in or out of the studio) but be mindful of yourself and how far you have come on your journey! This means you can cheer on your neighbor and yourself at the same. damn. time. because that is what team members do.

Life gets tough, things get hard, and everyone is going to need support throughout their life at some point or another. Be that person, keep your circle close, and remember even at the times you may feel the most alone at stRIDE you are standing with an army. We will continue to practice and preach the importance of lifting each other up and cheering on each and every one of our amazing clients because we are a team and most importantly, a family.

Thank you for making these past two months of stRIDE the most loving and exciting time of our lives. We cannot wait to continue to grow and love our #stRIDEstrong family.


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