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You cannot pour from an empty cup - so why are we taking on fifteen hour days while running on five hours of sleep? Coming from a place of health and wellness, sleep is just as important as your daily sweat session. Would you take a barre class and then immediately go to McDonald’s after everyday? No. So start giving your body the rest and recharge it deserves. Getting your sleep schedule on track is not an easy task, like anything it takes practice and dedication. We wanted to share some tactics we found helpful when adjusting our sleep schedules.


Adding exercise into your daily routine can help with all issues that may interfere with your sleep (anxiety, depression, restlessness, etc.) Exercise can also improve your quality of sleep because it allows you to go into the deepest part of the sleep cycle for a longer period of time. So the answer is yes, book your bikes because we want you to be refreshed and recharged every day.

Stop The Screen Time

Did you know the light that is in your iPhone prevents our brain from releasing melatonin? Your phone could be the culprit behind you tossing and turning for two hours before actually dozing off. Stop the screen time about an hour before bed and pick up a good book, it will knock you right out.

Perfect Your Environment

Your bedroom should be your safe space, your sanctuary, and the most peaceful environment. Is an EDM concert the perfect environment to read a book? No. So why would a messy room be the perfect environment to sleep in? Spending a few minutes everyday cleaning your bedroom will create so many positive benefits (improved sleep, focusing, overall mood) because you are taking care of you and your space.

Do not forget to take time for yourself, you cannot be the greatest version of yourself if you are constantly exhausted. Take those extra hours of sleep when needed and remember to put your health first. We want our clients entering the studio recharged and ready to take on the day!


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