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Did you hear the news? WE HAVE A BRAID BAR IN THE STUDIO! Yes, stRIDE has partnered with Chelsea Ouimet to bring an all in one styling service into the studio! Chelsea goes far beyond braids and can to blowouts and styling (think DryBar: stRIDE edition). She is quick and so talented to make you leave the studio looking flawless! Don’t believe it? Check out her social media and see all of her magic in action!

We know that not everyday can be a blowout/braid bar day so we wanted to share a few of our secrets on how to save your hair after a sweaty stRIDE workout. Don’t forget to treat yourself to that after class blowout though (we definitely won’t).

Dry shampoo

Most of you will already know this is a saving grace but we are here to remind you that dry shampoo will solve 99.9% if your problems. Simply take your hair down after your workout and SPRAY. Let it sit in your roots for about 30 seconds and the massage your scalp and prepare to look like you didn’t just sweat to death in the spin room. Don’t have dry shampoo? Try baby powder! Although it won’t have the volumizing effects that dry shampoo does, it will soak up those extra oils.

Brush it

Sweat + elastic hair ties = your hair being a goner. Immediately post cool down take your hair out of your pony tail and brush it. This will also help move the sweat away from your roots to make it less greasy. By brushing your hair immediately after a work out it will decrease the chances of having a thick crease in your hair for the rest the day.

Blow dry your roots

After you take your hair out and brush through it make sure you blow dry your roots. This will dry up any sweat and toil left on your scalp and leave your hair refreshed post workout. We do recommend making your life easier by just seeing Chelsea at the braid bar for a blowout!

Wellness goes far beyond sweating in the studio, it is all about making you feel your best (and when you look good, you feel good, right?) Have saving grace hair tips? Be sure to share at the studio! Show Chelsea love and welcome her to the stRIDE team!!

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