This Is Your Reminder To Breathe

We are in the heart of the hustle of the season, whether it is summer officially being over and the temperature has officially dropped, you are in the heart of your semester, or the grind really has not stopped at work, THIS is your reminder to breathe. We have submerged ourselves in a culture where breaks have become frowned upon, excessive productivity equals success, and people compete to see who slept less or drank more coffee to get through their workday. This is your reminder to breathe.

This is your reminder that you are entitled to those extra hours of sleep when your body needs it, that free skip from your class at the studio because you are not feeling well, the time you choose going to brunch with your mom instead of doing homework because your mind needs a break. These breaks do NOT equal failure, they validate that you are human. This is your reminder to breathe. Self-care goes far beyond facemasks and candles, it is any time you are choosing yourself and your mental health over outside responsibilities. Remember that you are pushing yourself to be the greatest version on YOU, not a greater version than someone else. This is your reminder to breathe.

What resets you? Find the things that clear your mind and recharge your body and make more time for those things. These are the things that keep you grounded in life, keep you energized, and are what make you, you. Our lives get busy and things get in the way but never forget to prioritize yourself. This is your reminder to breathe.

Our favorite part about stRIDE is being apart of our clients reset, we want to be the 45 minutes of your day that ground you and make you feel alive. Our goal is helping our clients become the greatest versions of themselves. We want to be what reminds our clients to breathe and take care of themselves.

Remember that you are your most important priority.


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