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Days can be hard and sometimes life does not seem fair. Things seem out of our control and as humans, we tend to naturally fixate on the things that do not go are away and surround ourselves in a negative mindset. Strengthening your mind is just as important as strengthening your body and just like getting in shape, you cannot fix your mindset overnight. This takes time with practicing, failing, and trying again until we start to see the results we are trying to achieve.

Finding gratitude in every aspect of your life is one of the most important strengths a human can achieve, with the power of gratitude we are unstoppable! Having the mindset of celebrating the positive and moving forward from the negative is the ultimate set up for a happy life. The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.

How do I find gratitude? Start by the making it a priority because YOU should always be your number one priority. Take a few minutes to yourself every morning and reflect on the good, this may be people, events, things that you love about you and your life! Take this feeling with you and remember it for the rest of your day, if things get hard to think about those few minutes you took for yourself that morning then repeat!

At stRIDE, gratitude is everything within our studio. We are eternally grateful for our studio, the clients, classes, atmosphere, and YOU. You give us something to be thankful for every day and we practice gratitude at our studio every single day to remind ourselves and our clients to maintain a positive mindset.

Remember to strengthen your mind as much as you strengthen your body. Wellness goes much further beyond an intense spin class that hour on a pilates reformer. Remember to stay thankful and good things will come your way, a positive life does not come without a positive mind!

Want to change your body and mind? Book a class with us and come see what we are all about!


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