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The holidays are rapidly approaching this year! This means extra time off from work, reuniting with old friends and loved ones, and a chance to indulge in many great holiday meals. At times, it may seem challenging to manage your “lifestyle” while keeping up with the holidays. We wanted to leave our few favorite tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays. Does this mean you skip out on your cookie exchange? Hell no, remember that life is short and those extra desserts will not kill you.

Make Me Time a Priority

Our favorite method of self-care is sweat, make sure no matter how crazy your schedule becomes, you always leave extra time for yourself. We recommend booking your classes in advance, that way they are already incorporated into your schedule.

Stay Mindful

Remember it is always possible to make healthy choices without missing out. Keep true to who you are and what is going to make you happy. The food is not what the holidays are about, it is who is sitting at the table with you.

Wipe Down Everything You See

Don’t let the Christmas lights blind the fact that we are well into cold and flu season! Carry hand sanitizer (and use it often), wipe down seats or handles before using them, and wash your hands! Who wants to look like Rudolph with a cold during the holidays anyway?

Stay Hydrated

Extra celebrations mean extra hydration is needed! Remember to always carry a water bottle with you because it will make you remember to drink more water. Hydration and health go hand and hand, the benefits of water are endless!

In all the crazy and excitement that the holidays bring, remember to tell your people how much you love them. Spend extra time with your family and practice gratitude! Our favorite part of the holidays this year is experiencing it with our clients!

Happy holidays,


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