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Hello stRIDERs!

This post is going to be a little different than most if you follow our social media you probably know that we recently had some water damage at the studio causing a brief halt in all classes. For some, this kind of incident could be detrimental to a business and honestly, just an extremely upsetting time. We are extremely sad and miss our home so much, but we have completely embraced dancing in the rain. From staff, to clients, the community, we have watched our stRIDE family come together and make the best of what could have been a detrimental situation.

We have taken this lesson that we have instilled in our clients at the studio and have completely embodied it outside of the studio. When shit happens, you need to learn how to embrace it, get through it, and dance in the rain! Life is never going to be perfect, but if you learn to love your life, it will love you right back. Sweating the small stuff will never do anything to help you reach your goals or become to greatest version of yourself, but learning to make the best of every situation will always make you love your life.

This past week we have spent so much time picnicking on our studio floor, drying out the studio as a team, and laughing until we cry with our staff and clients who have become family. We love one another through the good, bad, and the wet and have literally picked each other up during this time and will continue to do so at any other bump in the road.

This life is what you make of it and this studio is a true definition of life does not have to be perfect to be your best life. Making the most out of every situation and having people to love endlessly is what life's all about. We want to thank our clients from the bottom of our heart for being our family, our inspiration, and our happiness. You have made this studio so much bigger than a place to sweat, it is our home and our happy place.

We cannot wait to see you all this weekend for our grand re-opening. Get ready because we are making it RAIN!!!


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